Reference from the teachers at a Daycare/Pre-school (4-year old)

Dear Davey Doodle,

I liked your dandelion song! Your jungle book song was cool! I liked the part in the songs where you did the funny trumpet sound! I liked when you threw out serpentines/streamers on the birthday song!  I liked your cow jumped over the moon song!  I liked your Toast song! I like butter on my toast! I liked your instrument! The last song (La Bamba) was so much fun for all the kids, we have never seen them dance and smile so much to music until you came! Thank you so much for coming, I really hope you can perform for us again when you visit Chapel Hill NC again!

The Frog Class
ICP Daycare/Pre-School
Chapel Hill, NC

Reference from a Children's (4-year old) Birthday Party

To Whom It May Concern,

This past February we decided to spice up my daughters 4th party by having Davey Doodle play music.  At first we were not sure if the kids, ages 3 to 7, would have the attention span to enjoy it but let me start by saying that it was definitely the high point of the evening.  Once Davey started playing both the kids and adults were completely engaged with both the classics like the "limbo" and "under the sea" as well as his very original tunes such as "Dandelion" whos catchy lyrics and simple delivery will be sure to stay with you long after the performance has ended.

The best part of the show is that he brings a diverse selection of songs that are enjoyable for BOTH the children and adults.  After being involved in either elementary or pre-schools over the past 13 years and now with raising our own kids I can safely say that a Davey Doodle performance is not like anything else I have seen.  He is fun, original, talented and he has got good taste in music.

We highly recommend him.

Rebecca and Joe
Madison, WI

Reference from a Children's (2-year old) Birthday Party

To Whom It May Concern,

David Baumler aka “Davey Doodle” is a great addition to any kid’s party. Having known David for multiple years, I never knew he had it in him to be such a gifted musical performer. Our son’s second birthday party last January (2012) was 50% better thanks to David. Few have such an innate ability to keep both the children and adults entertained. We would recommend David to anyone looking for some musical entertainment to liven up his or her party. Bottom-line, “Davey Doodle” rocks!!!

-Tina & Geoff
Madison, WI

Reference from a director of a daycare for children (0-4 years old)
March 6th, 2012

To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to extend this letter of recommendation for our awesome friend and Clutured Kids dad, Davey Doodle.  We have had the great privilege of having Davey Doodle join us each week at Cultured Kids.  He volunteers to share his talents with us to help expand the musical awareness of our kids.

Our teachers and children, from babies to older preschoolers, look forward to his visit each week. He shares with us quite a variety of musical genres.  Out children enjoy clapping, dancing, shaking instruments, and singing along with him each time.  He's even picked up several Spanish tunes for us.  We really appreciate his energy and enthusiasm while he sings, whether with an autoharp, piano, or guitar.  He is especially apt at playing songs that even grown-ups would love, like oldies and classics as well as your favorite nursery rhymes.

If you have an opportunity to share Davey Doodle with families in Madison, I would definitely encourage such an event and we'll be happy to be there with our Cultured Kids families in tow to support his joyful and musical talents. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Cultured Kids of Madison Daycare