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David Baumler was born in Milwaukee, WI, and his mother says that before he could talk, he could sing.  She remembers that she would sing to him, and he would repeat and sing back to her as an infant.  His father developed a nickname for David at a young age, and still to this day calls his son Davey Doodle.  

Davey gave his fist performance at the age of 3 singing with a harmonica player in front of a Church audience of about 500 people, and from that day on, Davey was never afraid of performing on stage. Davey started to learn piano at age 5, and he arranged a deal with his parents that if he took piano lessons for 5 years, he could get any instrument that he wanted.  At the time Davey really wanted a drum set, but after five years of piano lessons, he decided that he wanted a tenor saxophone and he began to play in 5th grade.  After one year, he was a talented saxophone player and lead horn player in the schools band and jazz band.  The next year he began to learn how to play the organ, including foot pedals.  In the high school years that followed, he played tenor saxophone at the highest level with a symphonic ensemble at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and toured throughout Europe performing very difficult classical and symphonic music at music festivals, amusement parks, and other venues.  During this time he started to play keyboard, and taught himself how to play bass guitar, and even started playing bass in a band and began to write songs.  He continued to collect instruments and taught himself how to play them.  Today he has over 100 instruments including 3 saxophones, 3 keyboards/synthesizers, a piano, a bass guitar, three guitars, two autoharps, a full drum kit, xylophones, a melodica, and many more fun instruments and noise makers.  A real crowd favorite is that he plays the invisible trumpet through his mouth while playing other instruments such as the keyboard or harp-mandolin..

Davey continues to write songs and started playing and singing children’s songs to his nieces and nephews, and following the birth of his daughter in 2010, he began focusing most of his musical energy into his children’s music.    In the past year he has started to perform at children’s Birthday parties, and has a weekly performance at a daycare center.  He has just released a new collection of 14 original Davey Doodle songs on his new album “Jumping Town” to bring many types of fun songs to the kids’ stage.  In this album he brings real life characters into life with songs about his dog Truffle Doodle, scoot scooting daughter April, niece Madison in Rhode Island, and nephew Ty’s stuffed brown bear named BB.  He has developed new classics for parties and holidays with the Happy Happy Birthday song and the Very Scary Halloween song.  The 2 pieces of Toast song will get you excited about eating the breakfast tasty treat.  Other songs take you jumping on musical journeys through busy city streets, dandelion pastures, oceans and Islands, and cruising down all kinds of roads.

Davey Doodle is also the world’s first surfing musician who plays instruments such as accordion, harmonica, and a tenor saxophone while surfing the wakewave behind a boat.  He is the current world record holder for two musical records: 1) Longest time playing the melodica while hula hooping and 2) Longest time playing saxophone while surfing.

  Copyright 2012 Davey Doodle Music

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