Pop Snap Party Graduation Home Package

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Pop Snap Party Graduation Home Package


The Pop Snap Party Graduation Home Package for eight people

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T-shirt size for host:

Includes everything you need for a fun & interactive Happy Birthday and Graduation Party with your family and friends! 18 Davey Doodle Songs align with fun games and tasting experiences for all partiers. Finishes with a Graduation Party Song Ceremony.

This Party Package for 8 People Includes:
1 Pop Snap Party Instructional Booklet (For party host)
1 Pop Snap Party T-shirt (For party host)
1 Pop Snap party CD (For party host)
3 confetti wands with biodegradable confetti 6”x3/4” (colors may vary)
10 Pop Snap Party 11”x17” Posters (2 for host decorations, and 8 for guests)
8 Pop Snap Party Headbands
8 Pop Snap Party Temporary Tattoos 2”x 2”
8 Pop Snap Party stickers 3”x 3”
8 Pop Snap Party Iridescent Gift Totes
8 packages of popping candy (flavors may vary)
24 Pixie Sticks candy straws
8 Pop Snap Party Train sounding 3 Tone Whistles
8 Pop Snap Party bubble Wand containers
16 Pop Snap Party Balloons
8 mustaches with adhesive (styles may vary)
16 pieces of Bubble Blowing Bubble Gum (varieties may vary)
8 Sheets of Scratch and Sniff Stickers (scents may vary)
16 Serpentine Streamers Coils

Only $24.99 per guest/$199.99 for an eight person Party Package that you will never forget!!